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Coconut Haus Candle

Coconut Haus Candle

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Escape to Coconut Island. Exotic notes of white coconut, Tahitian vanilla, and Oahu pineapple evoke a lush aroma reminiscent of a tropical hideaway. Light to ignite an instant oasis. Paradise found.

• 10 oz / 284 g
• 50 hour burn, approx.
• Double-wick, cotton
• Soy + paraffin wax blend
• Supreme quality fragrance oil
• Glass vessel, matte
• Hand-poured in small batches
• Made in USA

Warm and tropical. A sweetly exotic blend of white coconut, Tahitian vanilla, and Oahu pineapple.

From start to finish, Baja Zen candles are handcrafted with supreme quality raw ingredients and fragrances. Our waxes and fragrance oils are hand-blended in micro batches before they are hand-poured one by one. Our candles are infused with the maximum percentage of fragrance oil to craft a candle with optimum scent throw that fills your space with concentrated aroma.

Candle Care:

Please practice good candle lighting rituals to ensure a safe, clean, and quality burn. For complete candle care and important warnings and safety precautions, refer to the product’s packaging box and the label affixed to the bottom of the candle.

• On the first burn session, light your candle until the wax melts to the edge of the container, about 3 hours. This will ensure an even burn during future use.

• Trim the wicks to 1/8 of an inch prior to each time you relight your candle for a cleaner, safer burn.


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