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Wild + Woman

Wild + Woman Fragrance

Wild + Woman Fragrance

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  • DYLAN is naturally kissed by salt and sand. She’s always exploring. Always open. She's the most independent woman in the room yet she makes effortless connection with others.

A slightly sweet and softly citrus scent.

Carrier: MCT Oil (natural)

Base Notes: Bergamot, Orange Zest and Lily of the Valley (synthetic)

  • NAOMI is our girl next door. She is our answer to subtle sweetness that is wholesomely down-to-earth, supportive, and approachable. Soft notes of pear and peach blossom finished with notes of vanilla and cashmere will envelope you with a warm hug.

    A subtle fruity scent with a soft vanilla finish.                                                  Carrier: MCT Oil (natural).                                                                                        Base Notes: Pear, Peach Blossom, Cashmere, and Vanilla (synthetic and natural blends)

  •  MALIA embodies the magnificence of a Hawaiian sunset, setting both your heart and the horizon ablaze. She is both peace and powerful inspiration.

    A sweet floral scent with a coconut finish.                                                    Carrier: MCT Oil (natural).                                                                                   Base Notes: Birds of Paradise, Coconut Blossom and Tuberose (synthetic)

  • Jane is our Child of Nature. Like a nymph in the wind, with the subtle softness of morning dew- Jane is our Santal blend. She is both connected and resilient to everything around her A fuller woodsy scent with a soft musk finish.            Carrier: MCT Oil (natural)                                                                                            Base Notes: Sandalwood, Water Lily and Cardamom (synthetic and natural blends)

  • WILD AND WOMAN fragrances are artisan made with all materials ethically sourced. Ingredients are natural and synthetic. Always cruelty-free. Made by women for women.
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